Price what you want,
Bill what you need,
Collect what you're owed.

Furo is a billing platform that makes custom pricing a strength to your selling strategy. From the customer's 'YES' all the way to the money in your bank account.

Find true power in your data with 455nm

Tailored to your industry

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics & Supply Chain

Food & Food Services

Food & Food Services



Radically flexible and intuitive billing.

No-code pricing, billing and collecting interface.
Built to be seamlessly set up, integrated and immediately used by Sales, Ops, RevOps and Finance team.

The newest business analytics platform
Radically new data solutions

Automatic B2B payments collection

Online and offline payments now automated, traceable and reconciled.
Offer all payment options to your clients without the burden of manual and repetitive tasks. Furo automates the flow of Enterprise onboarding, Oder Forms, Contracts, Invoices & Cash received. For a frictionless pitch-to-cash process.

B2B end-to-end billing and payment collection solution

Furo handles B2B post-sales process complexity from the customer's 'YES' all the way to the money in the bank account.

Furo integrates to your software stack for a frictionless payment orchestration

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B2B deal-to-cash made easy.

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